About Us

The Bar Association in Rwanda is a Legal Professional Organization that was created by an Act of Parliament in 1997 (Law N° 03/97). This law was amended by Law No 83/2013 of 11/09/2013, the law establishing the Bar Association in Rwanda, determining its Organization and Functioning. Having started with 37 advocates, after twenty five years, the Bar’s current membership exceeds 1450 advocates after fusion of former Judicial defenders Association and former Kigali Bar Association. The membership is made up of all practicing advocates, as required by law, and the interns who aspire to be enrolled after 2 years of internship. The Bar Association fulfills the role of Legal Representation and Regulation for its members and plays a key role in the Administration of Justice for a strengthened Rule of Law in Rwanda.
The Rwanda Bar Association is mainly comprised by the following organs: In 2009, an Executive Secretariat of the Bar Association was created to Support the President and the Governing Council to implement and administer the implementation of the Bar Strategic Programmes. Furthermore, the Bar Association established a number of committees to help in achieving goals and objectives.


To be a vibrant and independent National Bar Association committed to justice and the rule of law by enhancing the legal profession to regional, international best standards and advancing the human rights knowledge and awareness of the profession.


To gather all the members of the Bar Association to promote and protect the interests of the legal profession and the public in the administration of justice by preserving the integrity of the profession through regulation and supporting professional development, and by helping to shape the law and advancing respect for the rule of law and human rights.